James Seibel

James Seibel

Boston Tech Engineering Leader

Most of my development and research time is spent at my company. Occasionally I polish up and release a side project unrelated to the company.


iCryptoNode is an open-source project for managing Raspberry Pi cryptocurrency nodes.

Nuklear Allegro Backend

Nuklear is a single-header GUI toolkit written in C. By providing it drawing primitives through a backend integration, Nuklear brings unified graphics capabilities to any system. I wrote the backend for Allegro, a C game development library.

Allegro Texture Packer

Allegro Texture Packer is a port of the libGDX texture packing utility to Allegro, a C game development library. A texture packer makes efficiently using graphics much easier for the programmer. As OpenGL and similar operate on square bitmaps, by packing as many assets as possible into the same square image, it reduces the overall number of bitmaps loaded into memory, and you can use multiple images without swapping the active bitmap.

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